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Deathkult Moisio (5 EUR)

1. Entering the Mansion of Madness
2. Dark Figures in the Forests of Moisio
3. Mist floats like ghost above a glassy pond
4. Black pond of Moisio, full of mysteries
5. Statue of unlimited horror
6. There is a devil in those woods, with horns and hoofs
7. Root of all madness and horror, the beginning is Moisio

Koko levyn kesto 35 min

Through the World of Ash (5 EUR)

1. Travelling beneath the bright dead star (intro)
2. We will burn your world
3. Conqueror
4. Through the forests of greatest magic
5. Knocking your head (with my hammer)
6. Flying above this fabulous world
7. Say farewall to your life
8. We're almost there... At the gates
9. The storm of evil souls (bow before my armies)
10. This darkness shall never move
11. Through your world of ash (outro)

Koko levyn kesto 45 min

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